Studies and Analysis

Online presence Audit

In order to ensure an optimal online presence, our team of consultants provides you with an online presence audit enabling you to understand your strengths and identify the threats to your online success.
The audit includes assessing your overall visibility on search engines, your activity on social networks, and the effectiveness of your internet strategy.

Market research

We develop market researches and provide you with results analysis. Thanks to our expertise in digital market research, we suggest an effective strategy and take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of failures online.

Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis service helps you being pro-active online in the short and long term. Our team will provide you with useful information about your competitors’ presence on the internet and allow you to identify threats and opportunities.

Campaign results Analysis

We base our analysis on reliable and effective tools such as Google Analytics , Google Display Planner cMyStats , Alexa, … We monitor your website and campaigns and ensure the achievement of your objectives. According to the analysis results, we suggest optimizations so that you get the best return on investment.