- E-Commerce project

Client : Weblogy
Year : 2009


The development of the Internet has resulted in the growth of new information sources at the expence of newspapers.
Not considering this situation will lead to the withdrawal of several titles!

Solution is an online African newsstand. It allows publishers to commercialize their publications online and generate additional revenues.

Publishers’ Benefits
  • Decreasing production costs
  • Increasing Market shares
  • Selling old editions
  • Tracking sales in the Real time
  Customers’ Benefits
  • A wide range of African newspapers
  • Availability on PC, Mobile and Tablet
  • Regular availability of editions
  • Different means of payment

Services provided

  • Website hosting
  • Website creation
  • Graphic charter
  • Content integration
  • Awareness campaign
  • Banner Creation


  • Over 20 000 products available
  • 126 active publishers
  • 435 new products per month
  • 91,000 visits and 210,000 page views per month
  • 53% new visitors per month