Coworking Space

Our Story

In 1998, young and motivated dreamers, we launched Weblogy Group. We had to work twice as hard and make do with limited resources available at the time. Back then, co-working spaces where not as widely available as they are today. We had to rent confined spaces for most of our meetings. As most entrepreneurs then, we had to revert to Starbucks stores and the likes; as well as finding high speed internet as cheap as possible. Our challenges allowed us a direct insight to the difficulties and realities of starting a business. Today, strong of our experience, we want to level the plane filed by offering start-ups and entrepreneurs in general better accommodations; supporting them in their professional  growth.

Our Goal

  • Create a work community
  • Offer flexible office accommodations
  • Empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in an open and inspiring environment

Our Team

Our teams are trained to offer the utmost quality of services, make you comfortable and practical solutions that allows for rapid growth regardless of the industry. 

Images of our flexible coworking spaces

Don’t choose between comfort and flexibility. Our high-end services will give you access to a ready to work guaranteed to make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in.

At our disposal, a spacious 1300 Sq FT lounge for your meetings, happy hours and other professional events. Included are a 4K LED UHD screen, wi-fi access, a fully stocked bar and a kitchenette.

Equipped with a 55” 4K TV with video conferencing capabilities, our conference rooms can hold up to 12 people. They are already  setup with desks, chairs and filing cabinets. 

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Phone number : +225 22 01 01 10
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